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Access control System is electronic Door Control Automation Systems and Some Times The Barrier Systems for People , Vehicle , which are designed to control who has allow access to a Secure Area.

The most Simple example of a Access Control System is a Door which is locked to limiting people to one side of the door or the other. The Technology like RFID Or Key card Systems operate on the relationship between a plastic card, Barcode , Mifare , Smart Machine Readable Card and Electronic Access Control locks. Each card is programmed to respond to a particular key card reader or more with a lock or a set of locks.

In case of Bio metric Access Control and Attendance system Also Known As Time Tracking Solution, Time Entry System Solution- Where the device, which read human finger and store information about that person finger template Information. Whenever Particular Person come, he or she have to put finger in device. Device identify the person whether the person are allow to Access the area and keep his/her time and date of access into device memory. 
Microtech (BD) System Providing a full automation Solution of Access Control and Attendance Systems In Bangladesh.  The System include Access Control and Attendance System device From well-known Brand company are , Virdi, Bio Connect, Suprema, ZK Techo, Hundure , Anviz As Per Required Solution for the Total Time Attendance System and Access Control For An Organisation in Bangladesh Also Providing Solution with others Supporting Hardware, Services and Software. We Provide Security System, Security and Technological Automation for any kinds of Company as they required.  MicrotechBD Systems Has More and 400+ Clients All Over Bangladesh Working On The Field Of Automation and Security Systems Since 2009. We Always Thanks and Grateful To Allah Almighty for this Success and Keep US Survive in this Security System, Technological Automation Field in Bangladesh.


MicrotechBD System Cover the Access Control & Attendance System Automation In  Bangladesh.

  • Access Control & Security Automation
  • RFID Base Access Control
  • -Finger (Biometric)  Access Control
  • -Active RF Access Control (For Car Parking System)
  • -RFID Slave Reader
  • Brand : Suprema , Pegasus Access Control System In Bangladesh, Hundure Access Control & Security Products,  Suprema Authorized In Bangladesh, ZK Techo Devices In Bangladesh, Virdi Solution in Bangladesh.
  • Lock
  • EM Lock With Delay Timer
  • EM Lock / Strike Lock / Volt Lock
  • Round Pass Lock/ Tripod Turnstile Access Control
  • -Full Height Turnstile and Boom Barrier In Bangladesh.
  • Flap Turnstile, Sewing Barrier. 
  • Car Parking Controller / Parking Management Systems
  • -Others
  •  Complete Attendance SYSTEMS Solution Are:
  • Access Control System With Payroll Software
  • Hotel Room Booking Managements System
  • Attendance System Online / Offline
  • – Automatics Car Parking System

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