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Smart Home Automation Solution in Bangladesh

Smart Home Systems or Home Automation System is a Computerized Data Accusation and Control System systems for monitoring and Controlling Home , Hotels and Office Energy, Services, Security System Integration, Equipment such as heating, ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC),  systems, Lighting, power systems and so on.

Smart Home Can Control almost Home and Office Things Remotely Like Lighting Control, FAN / Ventilation Control and others Appliances on and off, Open Smart Door Locks, Control the garage Door, Curtain , Entrance Gate Control as well as monitor and Control energy .Also Automatic monitoring temperature and humidity by sensors or Create Alarm On Intrusion and Alarming Situation Like Motion Detection, Door , Window Open/Close Detection, Fire Alarm, Gas Alarm. Smart Home and Office Automation System Also

Home Automation System/ Smart Home Complete Solution Includes

      • Smart Remote Control and Control Panel for Control Connected Smart Device
      • Mobiles Apps, Monitoring and Control Softwares
      • Smart Appliances Control Like Smart Lights, Smart AC to Turn On/Off on Schedule
      • Temperature and humidity Monitoring and Thermostat Program for Energy Efficiency
      • Automate All Your Electronics, Appliances and Devices From Single Controller Unit
      • Smart Locks on Doors for Security and Automation Based on RFID, Finger Print, Faces
      • Alarm On Smoke, Gas and Carbon Monoxide Detection for Better Safety and Comforts
      • Gardening and Programmable Irrigation System
      • Automate and Control Your Garage Door, Main Gate , Window Curtain for Peace of Mind
      • Video Doorbell, Video Door Phone for Security
      • Connect and Control Your Home Entertainment with One Device
      • Smart TV/ Smart Refrigarator Control
      • Many Others Smart Home, Office and Hotel Automation Concept is up Coming…

All Control By Means of Zigbee, Zwave, Wifi,GPRS and LAN Base Network. IoT Devices are Also Smart Devices Combining All Togather .. Most Common Protocols use on Smart Homes are Modbus, Lon works, KNX, MQTT, Bacnet, Coap, Zwave, Zigbee and Many Proprietory Protocols– All refer to communications protocols

Home Automation Solution in Bangladesh

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