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HDMI Repeater, Extender | The Best Converter Repeater Solution BD

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HDMI Repeater, HDMI Joiner, Basic Extender

Description: When You Need a HDMI  Output from a Device but Device Extend a Little Bit , Just Put a HDMI Repeater between your two cable and joint signal boosting and repeat your HDMI signal a little bit… HDMI Repeater Extend the Distance of Display a Little to 5 ~ 10 Meter


Product Description

HDMI Repeater

  • MicrotechBD System Provider Solution of Various Converter HDMI, VGA, AV, Repeater, Extender for the Sake of  Technology Solution Market  in Bangladesh. HDMI Repeater , HDMI Dual Cable 5~ 10 Meter Extender is a good HDMI Solution for Provide a extensive Distance of HDMI Output Support 2K 7 4K Signal Repeat.. 
  • Package Include: HDMI Repeater 1 Pcs.

How to Use HDMI Repeater is easy.. Just Input HDMI at One End and Connect your Another HDMI Cable and Connect to Monitor, Projector, PC, Display at Output..


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