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HDMI TO VGA Converter Economy | The Best Converter Solution in Bangladesh

৳ 850.00 ৳ 750.00

HDMI to VGA (Basic)

Description: When You Need a HDMI  Output from a Device but Device Do not Have HDMI Input and You Have Latest HDMI Output You Can use this device to Convert HDMI to VGA  Output and Put it to your Monitor/Project, TV, Display  with This HDMI to VGA High Quality Converter Supported Device…


Product Description

HDMI to VGA Basic Converter

  • MicrotechBD System Provider Various Converter Solution in Technology Leading Market in Bangladesh. HDMI to VGA Converter,  HDMI to VGA Output Basic Best Selling Converter…

  • Package Include: HDMI to VGA Converter, and One USB Cable to Power Up The HDMI to VGA from your DVR, Laptop usb port, HDMI to VGA Output

How to Use HDMI to VGA Converter is easy.. Just Input HDMI at One End and Connect your VGA Monitor, Project at Output..


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