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Sensor Switch | Sensor Light , Motion Switch For Home Security , Sensor Light, Sensor Alarm

Sensor Switch | Motion Sensor For Sensor Light, Sensor Alarm
in Bangladesh

Sensor Switch, Sensor Light Switch , Sensor Alarm, Sensor Light is a Very Useful Low Cost Product for Sensor Operation or Sensor Activated Product for Bangladesh. This Sensor Light Can Use to Light Up on Movements , Switch on Movement or Motion , Activate Switch on any Movement even in Dark Area at Day Time and Night. Can be use for Security System with Alarm Switch on alarm on any movement detected.

Sensor Switch , Sensor Light, Alarm Sensor Switch Spec:

  • 110VAC~ 220VAC ¬†Direct in , No Adapter required.
  • 220V Direct Out,
  • Work on Low Lux,
  • Light Environment Adjustable,
  • Timer Adjustable for Switching Times

Application of Sensor Switch, Sensor Light, Sensor Alarm Switch:

Sensor Light, Sensor Switch , Motion Switch can be use at Rooftop, Stair, lobby, Corridors , Store Room, Toilets or any location where Any Movement or Motion Occurs a Light Switch Will activated, its good for save power consumption also for security work its help.


Product Description

Wall Mount – Motion Switch For Home Security , Sensor Light, Sensor Alarm in Bangladesh.

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